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I am an American living in Tokyo, Japan. To give you a fair idea about Tokyo, it is immensely crowded, and even though Japan has developed a lot in terms of the economy, there are a lot of things and criminals roaming freely in the different parts of the city. I am going anonymous on this because I do not want any trouble from these criminals.

Every day while I travel to work here in Tokyo, the entire public transportation is crowded. It’s so much crowded that people literally touch each and every part of each other's body. Various times…

A glimpse of ancient Bharat in modern time, whole mattur village communicate in fluent Sanskrit, objective to keep alive the ancient language, young boys are taught Vedas from the age of 10 at school along with English, ancient traditional art. Though Mattur is a Sanskrit speaking village, it is not detached from the modern world. this is proved by the fact that almost every house in this village has an IT professional and many of them work abroad with handsome salaried packages Never forget our ancient roots….

We all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes embarrasses us and when we notice it so It becomes too late for us. Here are some examples of their extreme stupidity.

You will become a good Uncle.

This guy deserves a noble prize in zoology.😤😤😤

Here is some screenshot which I think you’ll like it.

Believe me, Mainstream media will not show this because they are more interested in knowing what Sara Ali khan have at dinner.

Courage knows no Age

Recently Neha Kakkar and her husband Rohanpreet uploaded a picture!

Well! She does not look like 2 months pregnant. So, now have a look at some comments.

To secure bureaucratic sites and structures, the Trump administration deployed law enforcement officers in Portland with protesters against racial inequality.

So, to shut down the protesters, a woman named Athena sits naked and sits on the street.

Mitul Dey

Think Positive.....everything will come to you.

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