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What secret will you never share with your parents?

There is a warning that this is not for children. Even though I’m 13.

And there’s the one for anyone with trauma/triggers.

This probably isn’t as bad as most peoples’. Some of these I’ve shared with 1 parent but not the other.

  • I was nearly raped at 10.
  • I do not blame the guy. He is severely autistic and probably (hopefully) didn’t know what he was doing. He was 18.
  • I self-harm. I have been doing it since I was 9 or 10.
  • I tried to commit suicide at 12. It was at the beginning of quarantine, and when my grades were tanking. Dad, you’re called to mom about it directly led to the attempted OD. I could take the yelling. The obvious anger and disappointment. However, the snitching about something that I was OBVIOUSLY trying hard to fix?
  • That’s why we were so low on acetaminophen.
  • I prefer staying at Nana and Papa's than anywhere else because:
  • They don’t body-shame me.
  • They don’t obviously favor my sister.
  • They don’t roll their eyes and groan about me being myself.
  • They don’t act like they would be better off if I wasn’t here.
  • I have tried to run away multiple times. You never heard about it because Nana was always there to talk me out of it.
  • I have on multiple occasions considered suicide. I have gotten so far as the closet where you hide the guns. But then I always start thinking about who would miss me, and who would have to find me.

Have some cute milk and cookies.

Dad, if you’re reading this, don’t bring it up to ANYONE. I’m better. Seriously. I know we once talked about a counselor, but I don’t need it. I love you. Don’t tell mom. Don’t bring it up to me. Just forget you saw it. Please.

Think Positive.....everything will come to you.